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3 fold Digi-Pack

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3 fold Digi-Pack


Released: 18.09.2020



  1. Tapedeck
  2. Toxic Brother
  3. Crystals In The Sky
  4. I’m Your President
  5. Love Your Smell
  6. The Operator
  7. Cybernova
  8. Hit On Ur Girl
  9. Lonely Rider
  10. Gloria
  11. The Beetle
  12. Desire

2 reviews for CYBERFUNK! (2020) CD

  1. Lando

    This is an absurdely amazing piece of art. I was listening to the album for the first time on the freeway. Be aware, I got that much “zoomed into the sound” that I forgot to hit the gas gepdal (only found out when I got overtacken by everyone ;-)).
    It is hard to describe the feeling this sound conveys: pure density, incredible grove, and still full of surprises!
    Go listen for yourself 😉

  2. Simon Danklmaier (verified owner)


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