Mother's Cake label in pink with black dorns and a spooky font


Disorder makes us feel comfortable. Lunacy is our fuel. Psychedelia is our ecstasy. We invite you to join us on an edgy journey off the beaten tracks. Six years of constant touring, writing, using - and abusing, made us who we are today. Yet we don’t like to tell our story through dull band biographies. Yes, we played a shitload of live shows all over the globe, won a couple of fancy sounding awards and shared the stage with artists we looked up to since first picking up our instruments. But this is not the story we’d like you to know. The chapters of our book are written on stage. This is the place where we absorb and release energy. Drenched in sweat and booze the border between stage and crowd becomes liquid. This is why we see ourselves as more than just any live band. People join our shows to plunge into musical rage. And there’s nowhere to hide. This is our promise to you. Come and see for yourself.